Justice Ministries

Cameron Trimble shared a compelling vision for the United Church of Christ at our Annual Meeting a few weeks ago. Her vision is that in every community where there is a United Church of Christ congregation the standard of living in that community is on the rise – people have meaningful work, children get a great education, there is a robust economy and very few people living in poverty or without enough to eat, community practices are sustainable, pollution is minimal, crime is low and neighbors work together to solve problems and share resources. This is also a vision that aligns nicely with the vision statements of our Conference: “By 2019 the people of the United Church of Christ in Wisconsin will be energized to be the church in their local context, expressed through passionate work toward a more just and generous world.” Both of these visions are completely within our reach as we continue to find ways to engage our communities and work together on important justice issues facing our state in the coming years.

The Conference website’s Resource Hub has a growing list of Justice Ministries that already exist throughout the conference. If you are wondering what other congregations in the Conference are doing to work on important justice issues this is the first place to look. You will find a list of groups throughout our state doing a variety of things. Each link will provide you with brief information about what the group is working on as well as who to contact to get more information or to get connected.

Those who were present at annual meeting filled out a card to indicate the areas of Shift on which they were planning to work in the coming year. Using these card, we will begin bringing people together around various justice ministries as a way of supporting the efforts of the various groups already doing great work and in order to connect new people and congregations to this work as we move toward the visions shared above.

If you did not get a chance to indicate your interests at annual meeting but would like to make sure you are included in our efforts to support the work of justice in our Conference, please get in touch with one of the groups on the website or email Tisha.

If you’re involved in a justice ministry that you’d like to share through our website, please also contact Tisha to make sure your group is represented.

Let’s see if we can work together in the coming year to move closer to a more just and generous world.

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